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Nowadays, resources like YouTube and Instagram are actively developing. And they require knowledge of editing, as well as the video editing software itself. They come in free and paid, and which option to choose, it is up to the content creator to decide.

Video editing on the iPhone

iPhone offers its owner a high-quality and powerful hardware, which can be used not only to surf the Internet, but also to work in various programs, including video editing. Below we look at the most popular of them, many of which are distributed free of charge and do not require an additional subscription.


A development from Apple itself, designed specifically for iPhone and iPad. Contains a wide range of functions for video editing, as well as work with sound, transitions and filters.

iMovie has a simple and accessible interface that supports a large number of files and also gives you the opportunity to publish your work to popular video hosting sites and social networks.

Adobe Premiere Clip

A mobile version of Adobe Premiere Pro ported from the computer. Has reduced functionality compared to its full-fledged application on the PC, but allows you to mount great videos with good quality. The main thing Premiere can be considered the ability to automatically edit the clip, in which the program itself adds music, transitions and filters.

After logging into the app, the user will be asked to sign in to their Adobe ID, or register a new one. Unlike iMovie, Adobe’s version is endowed with advanced audio track and overall tempo capabilities.


Application from GoPro, which is famous for its action cameras. Able to edit video from any source, automatically searches for the best moments, adds transitions and effects, and then provides the user with manual revision of the resulting work.

You can use Quik to create a memorable video for your Instagram or other social media profile. It has a nice and functional design, but does not allow deep editing of the image (shadows, exposure, etc.). An interesting option is the ability to export to VKontakte, which other video editors do not support.


This application is convenient to work with if the user has an account and a channel on the resource Vimeo, as it is with him to synchronize and quickly export from Cameo. Quick video editing is ensured by a simple and small functionality: trimming, adding titles and transitions, inserting the soundtrack.

A feature of this program is a large collection of themed templates that can be used by users to quickly edit and export their videos. An important detail – the application only works in horizontal mode, which for some is a plus, and for some – a huge disadvantage.


An app for working with videos of various formats. It offers an extended toolset for working with sound: the user can add his own voice to the video track as well as a track from the soundtrack library.

Each video will have a watermark at the end, so decide right away if you should download this app. When exporting, there’s a choice between two social networks and iPhone memory, which isn’t much of a choice. In general, Splice has a greatly reduced functionality and not a large collection of effects and transitions, but it works steadily and has a nice interface.


A popular solution among Instagram-bloggers, as it allows you to quickly and easily create videos for this social network. But the user can save his work for other resources. The number of functions in InShot sufficient, there are both standard (trimming, adding effects and transitions, music, text) and specific (adding stickers, changing the background and speed).

In addition, it is also a photo editor, so when working with videos, the user can edit the necessary files in parallel and immediately find them in the project with editing, which is very convenient.


Content maker today offers a huge number of applications for video editing with subsequent export to popular video hostings. Some are characterized by a simple design and a minimal set of functions, while others provide professional editing tools.

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