Video Acceleration Apps for iPhone

In this article we are going to tell about video acceleration apps for iPhones


One of the many features of Apple’s proprietary editor is changing the speed of the video – slowing it down and speeding it up. On the whole, the application has a large set of tools for creating slideshows, trailers and full-fledged movies, there are ready-made graphic templates, music by famous composers and soundtracks that automatically adjust to the general pace of the video. Artistic effects and filters, design themes, titles, and transitions between frames are available. iMovie lets you apply Picture-in-Picture mode to projects and supports the green screen.

The program under consideration is free, has a simple, intuitive interface translated into Russian, supports not only gesture control, but also through the keyboard and mouse, which is especially convenient for iPad users. This solution is available not only on smartphones and tablets from Apple, but also on computers and laptops. Synchronization with iCloud Drive is supported, so you can start working on a project on one device and continue on another. Quickly send files using AirDrop, and you can publish your movie online or send it to friends.

Movavi Clips

The mobile version of the popular video editor offers practically the same video editing features as its full-size counterpart. The program includes all the tools you need for video editing: cropping and stitching clips, removing and duplicating interesting parts, adding transitions, applying effects, applying titles, applying music, and adding unique stickers. Picture quality can be adjusted in detail – you can change the brightness, saturation, contrast. Necessary parameters are available for the sound – it can be cleared, muted or, conversely, amplified. Plus, the application has a large collection of background music.

Obviously, among other things, Movavi Clips allows you to slow down and speed up video clips – it’s done literally with a few taps on the screen. The developers call their product free of charge and free of annoying ads, although that’s not exactly true – you’ll still need a monthly or yearly subscription to get access to some of its features, and the highest price tag is set for switching off the watermark, which is quite strange. The editor interface will not cause difficulty in learning, especially as it is russified.

Perfect Video

A pretty powerful editor that offers pretty much the same video editing capabilities as the above mentioned Movavi Clips. With it, you can trim, stitch, split, delete, and duplicate clips, rotate and mirror clips, add captions, photos, music, narration, watermarks, mosaic, smooth transitions, and many other effects. There is a possibility of a separate, step-by-step elaboration of video, photo and audio.

Perfect Video is presented in two versions – free and paid. The latter allows you to make keyframe animation, apply pixelation and blur, split the screen, use the “Picture in Picture” function, work with chromakey, etc. Slow motion and accelerated shooting (from 0.25x to 6x) are also available, there is a reverse effect, compression and quality enhancement. The interface is translated into Russian, simple and clear, so the difficulties with its development will not have.


This app not only allows you to edit videos from the local iPhone gallery, but also record them directly from its own interface. The finished project can be published on the social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, on video sharing sites YouTube and Vimeo, as well as in the messenger Telegram. One of the key features of Efectum, which the developers put a special emphasis on, is the video acceleration that interests us in the context of this material. Deceleration is also available. There is a very useful tool for frame rate control, and there are tools for simple editing. Supports the addition of music and background sounds, text, stickers, art effect masks and filters. There are useful reverse and timelapse functions.

The program is russified, easy to learn and use, but is not without drawbacks – it is distributed by subscription, plus for a fee you can get access to more specialized functions, sets of effects, as well as remove the watermark from the created videos. A nice bonus is the availability of ready-made, highly original templates that you can use in your own projects.

Hyperlapse by Instagram

The last app, which we will consider within this article, is much more specialized than all the editors presented above. As you can understand from the name, Hyperlapse is designed to work primarily with Instagram, and for many (but not all) users this will be enough, because for this network most often beautiful videos are made, including accelerated ones. With it you can shoot clear time intervals, after which they will be automatically stabilized and assembled into a finished video. Possible applications include recording a morning jog, a sunset or sunrise, a live concert, then accelerating them up to 12 times and converting them into a short video clip.

The interface of this free program is translated into Russian, it is as minimalistic and simple as the built-in Instagram camera, and therefore difficulties with the development will not arise for sure. Just movies themselves, in addition to publishing to the social network, you can save in the “Photoplate. In this case, the registration of an account, as well as the presence of such, is not required for use. Unfortunately, Hyperlapse does not allow you to work with video in the internal memory of the iPhone – you can slow down and speed up only what was filmed through the same.

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