Subscriber Tracking: How to Determine GEO of Cell Phone

Quite often questions are raised on the Internet about how to find a subscriber and track a cell phone in real time.

A lot of affiliates are cashing in on this idea, and there are a lot of methods that just don’t work.

Of course there are paid methods that really work, but in this article we will look at the free and easy option tracking mobile (caller), which will work perfectly on Symbian 9.1-9.4.

The trick of the method is that it will work covertly, unnoticed by the victim and autonomously.

The list of programs that we will need and need to spy on the subscriber:

  • JBak TaskMan
  • X-Plore
  • PlanTask (autorun configuration)
  • Google Maps (must have a version that supports locator)
  • Two e-mails at
  • Hacked smart (inete manuals on hacking smarts countless amounts)

Install programs X-Plore, PlanTask, Google Maps, JBak TaskMan.

Run Google Maps, enter our mail at gmail and send authorization request to the second box.
Go to the second box and authorize it.

Next, in maps, turn off GPS location.

Go into PlanTask and set regular turning on (and off) Google Maps (the more often the maps are turned on,
the more often location information will be updated!)

The next step is in X-Plore.
Find this file: !:\PlanTask\data\data.dat
(!-it’s either C-memory or E-memory depending on where you installed the software).

Next file is !:\Private\10003a3f\import\apps\PlanTask_reg.rsc
Open it with a hex editor in X-plore (number 8), go to the end of the file
and count about 20 pairs of bytes and put one instead of zero.

After changing it, save the file and after that the PlanTask icon should disappear.
In the same way we change “GoogleMaps_2000CEA3_reg.rsc”, which lies next to it.

Go to JBak TaskMan and set the rule “Never show” for Google Maps and PlanTask.
We have removed the icons for the programs and now the first start them with the help of associations through X-Plore.

I advise you to do all these simple manipulations first on your smartphone,
and then transfer the settings files to the victim’s phone.
Although, in principle, all these actions take about 1-2 minutes.

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The method is tested and worked perfectly on Nokia N97, N82, N96 and 5800
Max Webber

Author: Max Webber

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