Spyware for Android: List & Review of Apps for Spying

Spyware for Android: a list and review of apps for spying


  • What is it for
  • How does it work?
  • Is it legal?
  • Specialized spyware programs
  • Via tracker apps without permission
  • Geolocation by phone number
  • How will I know if my phone is being tracked?
  • Can I spy on someone else’s device without revealing their secret?
  • How do I remove spyware from my mobile device?

What’s the purpose of it.

There are different reasons for what purpose there is a need to spy. Among the main ones are the following:

  • – suspicion of a husband or wife of infidelity;
  • – parental supervision of a schoolchild or teenager;
  • – suspicion of betrayal of a friend or loved one;
  • – the need to obtain important information;
  • – control of the stay of an elderly person with poor memory and poor spatial orientation.

There are many more situations when it is necessary to use a gadget for surveillance. It is possible to remain unnoticed at all times, so as not to arouse suspicion in the person you have to spy on. It is important, to use licensed programs for this purpose and not to fall for fraud.

How does it work?

We have collected the time-tested and user-proven really working programs for spying on people:

  • – Installed on devices that need to be monitored.
  • – Work only on Android OS (phones, tablets).
  • – Collect data in convenient cabinets.
  • – Allow you to install surveillance on your phone for free.
  • – Provide a free test period.
  • – Have solid capabilities.

This is a far cry from mobile operators’ location and call printing services. These are truly feature-rich, full-fledged spyware programs.

Is it legal?

We will not discuss why you need such a program for your phone (tracking a person without his knowledge – it’s illegal, because wiretapping, tracking movements and reading correspondence – this is an invasion of privacy). You are an adult and you are well aware that by installing such an app without their knowledge you will violate the law on privacy.

Therefore, most importantly, after installation, be sure to warn your child, wife, husband, loved one or your elderly parents that a phone tracking program is installed on their devices, which will allow you to be calm about their safety. This is just remote monitoring and nothing more.

Specialized tracking programs


English-language service that allows you to monitor information on a remote device. The utility offers monitoring of all popular messengers, social networks and Internet activity, text and sms tracking, as well as GPS location, etc.


Monitoring software for cell phones, tablets and computers, compatible with all versions of mobile and stationary OS. Allows you to track phone calls, control SMS and media files, monitor activities in popular social networks and messengers, etc.


Reptilicus is 100% reliable and stealthy spy for Android. The program installs within 10 minutes. You can download it for free. Thanks to the clear settings and a detailed guide, anyone can install it. There is also a program for Windows (computers and laptops), which you can read here.

A little about installation

For your convenience, the manual is provided in 2 ways: 1) watch a video review on the main page of the site; 2) download the manual in PDF, where each step of the installation is described very clearly (in plain Russian, without unnecessary specific technical words) and for clarity is shown on the pictures.

You can download Spyware for Android for free at any time – access is open to all. After registration, as we wrote above, you will start a free period. During this time, YOU can see how it all works.

A little bit about protection

Tip: Install our Android spyware on your phone first, and then you will know how to install it on the one you want.

Then you can either delete it or leave it on your phone as protection against theft. Since Reptilicus is a great anti-theft solution. According to the statistics of our consultants, thanks to our application more than 80% of phone thefts and losses ended with the safe return of the device. And the rest, seeing that the phone is already in another city, just did not want to go get it.

P.S. After the theft (or loss) you will know the location of your phone, you can see the photo of the person who will try to unlock the phone, listen to the thieves calls, know where and when they changed the SIM card. You’ll be able to remotely enable environment recording, lock your phone or erase the memory.

A little bit about the functionality

Our Spy Reptilicus is a full-fledged spyware program with over 40 spy features, which include:

  • – tracking coordinates (current, over a certain period and viewing the full route);
  • – recording of telephone conversations;
  • – detailed description of all calls;
  • – recording of voice messages;
  • – correspondence from the most famous social networks and messengers (check the current list with the consultants);
  • – viewing and downloading of all photos from the gallery;
  • – remote control of a smartphone (turn on the microphone, photo from the camera, lock, reboot, delete memory, etc.);
  • – keyboard keystrokes capturing;
  • – monitoring of all internal folders;
  • – and much more.

Including a microphone will allow you to record ambient sound within a radius of 3 meters (apartment, office, car, store, cafe). Outdoors, the recording will also go great if it’s a quiet courtyard or sitting on a bench. The only thing left is to put the phone in the bag and turn on the recording environment or a command, or specify a certain time to record in advance.


One of the best spyware programs for Android. It installs quickly, after installation you can hide its presence on the device. There is a version for PCs and laptops. Worthy hidden spy, NeoSpy, periodically appears in all the tops describing the best spyware for Android phone. Along with Reptilicus, it has great functionality and loyal users who say that these programs are the best of the best.


Suitable not only for Android, but also for OS, iOS. The application records calls, sms, clicks, movements, browser history.


  • – Fixing all actions on the device,
  • – Easy interface,
  • – A wide choice of languages,
  • – 24/7 support,
  • – Is not installed on the device, so it cannot be detected,
  • – Extended version is available for a fee.


A very effective and feature-rich program for spying on a person through their Android devices (phones and tablets). After registering on their website, comes installation information. It installs quickly, hides after installation. Works inconspicuously. Has all the features that will allow you to conduct a full-fledged surveillance phone. There is a separate program for iPhone and iPad.

Alfred Camera

Unique spy software for Android. Has a unique feature – tracking video in real time. This spy will replace expensive surveillance camera, which, as you know, not everyone can afford. And there is simply no reason to monitor around the clock. And this program allows you to turn on video surveillance is when you need it. Installed on two phones simultaneously – on the one with which there will be surveillance and on the one to which will come the video (or Android tablet).

There is a motion sensor. If the camera will be fixed the movement, you will receive notification of this and can quickly turn on the camera to watch. It works in 2 modes: as a camera and as a monitor. Quickly switch from one mode to the other makes this program really unique.

Intruder Selfie

Literally translates as “intruders taking pictures of themselves”. It is an excellent antiviral. Also suitable for people who do not like it when their phone is climbed without asking, and even nobody knows who. To do this, you just need to download the program spy for your phone for free on your Android. Then get a photo of the person who tried to unlock your phone. You can also specify in the settings to take a photo from the front camera of everything that happens around when the phone screen becomes active. The flash doesn’t come on when you take a photo, the photos are taken completely unobtrusively.

Ear Agent

Great for keeping track of another phone. The trick – can record sound through bluetooth headsets, and will also allow you to improve the sound quality when recording. Easy to set up, instantly turn the microphone on and off. The agent will provide a recording of ambient sound, videos or movies being watched, voice messages and in general any sounds going on near the phone.


Includes 25 phone tracking features, including a demo for a chance to familiarize yourself with the software.


  • – It is possible to connect multiple devices,
  • – Easy to install,
  • – User-friendly interface,
  • – Compatible with all devices,
  • – Work from anywhere in the world,
  • – 24/7 support.

Tracking data is stored in a secure location accessible only to the user. There are two packages to choose from. Once purchased, mSpy is easy to install and use with prompts.


A great spyware program for Android is a feature-rich spyware, free to download from the site and quickly installed on the device. Allows remote control of your smartphone. Will allow you to see correspondence, regular SMS messages, location and photos, get a record of calls, as well as control correspondence in your email box. Also has commands for remote control. The first two days are free. Has two versions: without root rights and with root rights. Functionality is significantly narrowed if the phone does not have Root access.


The excellent Spyzie is a program for Android, you can download for free from their website. Compared to the best spy service Reptilicus, this spy has a smaller set of spy features, but quite enough to see where your phone is, hear what phone conversations are about and know what the person is texting about from their smartphone. Can hide its icon and work inconspicuously. There is a version for Windows and Mac OS.

GPS Tracker

This GPS Tracker – GPS Logger app helps you keep a log of all the places you’ve been. It allows you to view all the places you’ve visited since you installed it on your smartphone.

  • – Visualize GPS information for you
  • – Keep a log of all the places you have visited
  • – Share your places with your friends in different formats
  • – Show real time track statistics
  • – Be available for free on the Google Play store

“Mobile tracker” – phone location on the map

Mobile tracker mobile-tracker.biz and similar sites work on the principle of identifying points of activity of the device with the GSM network. Basic services for the definition are free.

In the expanded paid version, the developers promise:

  • – Geolocation of the user with markers on the map;
  • – The exact location in online mode;
  • – A detailed map detailing all routes and movements;
  • – Exact coordinates of the current location of the phone;
  • – History of movements for a certain period of time.

On what principle do such trackers work?

All phones with a SIM-card of any operator constantly communicate with towers of mobile operators to exchange data. What would maintain a high signal GSM cell phone module is looking for the nearest tower to connect. When the user changes location, his cell phone switches to another tower for a more stable connection.

The logic is simple – the bigger the city – the higher the accuracy, as more towers are involved. In smaller communities, there are fewer towers. Mobile tracker sites determine the location point on the map by these signals, and how accurate, we will check it.

Via tracker apps

Tracker apps. These are highly specialized programs that can determine coordinates, provide free chat and surroundings recording. They are installed quickly and are not hidden, i.e. a person will know about the installed program. The vast majority answer the question of how to track where a child’s phone is.

Can also be used as a way to track the location of people on hikes or excursions. All phones connected to this program will be displayed on the same map and there will be a common group chat.

Geolocation by phone number

Each mobile operator offers its own service, the essence of which is geolocation by phone number.

To connect, you can use the following options:

  • – Enter ussd-request;
  • – Send an sms;
  • – Contact an operator;
  • – In person, go to a communication center.

How do I know if my phone is being monitored?

Every year the software becomes more and more complex, and the abundance of applications on the average smartphone only makes it easier for intruders. However, not all spyware is invisible, and sometimes you can know you’re being spied on.

Android: As a rule, apps from Google Plus are safe. The exception may be hacked apps, but a mere mortal cannot detect such a threat.

To avoid the risk of catching something, it is recommended that you only install apps from the official store.

If unknown sources are allowed in the security settings of your device (in settings -> Security -> Allow unknown sources), you might have already been attacked, in any case it is better to close this gap in your phone.

It is also desirable to remove all unnecessary applications if possible. Unknown processes and programs can always be checked with a search, but this is more suitable for detecting common unwanted software that displays pop-ups, changes browser settings, etc.

iOS: Unlike Android users, who are more into downloading apps for free, Apple users more often have to pay for everything, which makes life a lot harder for spyware.

However, thanks to the Cydia app, which can be called a window to the black market for iOS programs, detractors get the same loophole as in the case of unofficial Android programs. If this app appeared on your device without your knowledge, then it’s definitely not a coincidence.

Windows: The principle of staying untouched is exactly the same here. Don’t download anything pirated or suspicious, don’t click on obscure links. But PC users don’t like to pay for games or software even more, at least in CIS, what to say, if many of them have pirated OS itself.

If you have to download hacked programs, at least do not allow them to make changes in the system (almost every program thinks it is the most important and adds itself to the autostart, etc.). Starting with Windows 7, a warning will appear in such cases.

If spyware has already broken through, you can try to find it using the list of programs in the toolbar or in the list of processes in the Task Manager.

Mac: Apple Macs have their own equivalent of a “task manager” called Activity Monitor, where you can look at running processes and look among them for malware.

On Android and iOS, the symptoms of spyware can also include a sharp decrease in battery efficiency, as well as an increase in temperature in a running device. There may also be oddities in the operation of the device or individual apps.

As in many areas of life, it is also better to trust your instincts here. It is better to be vigilant once more than to give an intruder access to your Bitcoin wallet.

Is it possible to spy on someone’s device without revealing the secret?

Yes, it is possible with free Android spy cheating spouse apps such as those listed above, as they will allow you full and covert access to all the activities going on their phone without a single clue.

How do I remove spyware from my mobile device?

Things are even more complicated here. Even if you manage to detect malware, it is not a fact that you can get rid of it so easily. Uninstalling an infected program does not always solve the problem, since such software likes to make copies of itself, create tasks in task schedulers, and get registered in all possible services.

It is quite difficult, but if you take decisive action, you can clean your device from dangerous software.

When uninstalling, spyware operators may receive notifications that the target device is cured. They may also notice it when the flow of information is abruptly interrupted.

Antiviruses. This is the easiest solution to detect and eliminate malware, but not the most effective. If a virus is well-written, regularly crypted and updated, there’s no guarantee that an antivirus will detect it at all, especially if it’s free.

Change passwords and enable two factor authentication (2FA). If possible, you should change your passwords on a different device, since spyware may intercept the text you enter. It’s best to start with email, since other accounts are usually tied to it.

Including 2FA, services will require additional confirmation from the phone, making it much more difficult for the intruders.

Update OS. With updates, developers usually patch security holes, which may solve the problem. However, you may already have an up-to-date version of the OS, and the next update may have to wait a long time, which is not sure that it will help.

Secure your device physically. Entering an extra PIN, visual code, or biometrics will be useless in the case of theft, but will help protect your device when trying to infect it directly and quickly get it back.