NeoSpy – Covert Tracking of Events on Your Computer

NeoSpy – a program designed for covert tracking of events on your computer. It records all actions on your computer, takes screenshots, captures passwords entered on the computer, visited sites, can work in invisible mode for the potential “victim”.

NeoSpy stores all collected logging information on your computer and you can have it sent to your email account. NeoSpy can be run in normal and hidden mode (the program can’t be seen in the tray or in the task manager in the list of processes). You can exit the hidden mode by pressing the key combination (Ctrl+Shift+M by default), or by typing “NeoSpy” in Start / Run. You can set a password in the settings and make the program start at the same time as launching windows.

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Some of NeoSpy’s features are:

  1. Collects data about the programs running on your computer
  2. Saves everything you type on your keyboard
  3. Takes screenshots periodically
  4. Tracks changes in the file system (creating, deleting, modifying files)
  5. Records Connections/Disconnections to Internet
  6. Tracks website visits
  7. Tracks incoming and outgoing internet traffic
  8. Saves the clipboard contents
  9. Saves the list of programs that the user has installed
  10. Saves a list of your system folder (for example, you can see where the user’s “Desktop” is located)
  11. Saves the message history from the qip instant messenger
  12. Tracks all the messages and passwords of all icq clients (icq, icqlite, qip, miranda, &RQ and others)
  13. Tracks all messages and passwords of Mail-agent (
  14. Records Yahoo Messenger conversations
  15. Captures Windows XP,7 (NT, 2003) login passwords
  16. Copies files from USB drives

You can view logs (records) in three views:

  1. As several tables
  2. As a sequence of events and screenshots
  3. As a web page

What’s new in this version:

  • Added printer tracking.
  • Updated report sending to email (sending works even if the port is blocked by provider)
  • Export of report to Excel has been added
  • Updated interface and registration system
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