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iPhone recovery is a fairly quick procedure that involves either iTunes or other special programs on your computer. All of them offer not only data recovery, but also other possibilities, such as system error correction, data transfer to another phone, iPhone unlocking and much more.

iPhone recovery

This procedure involves a complete reset of all settings and data from the device. Before that the user can make a backup copy of the files with the program itself or via iCloud service on the phone or computer.

CopyTrans Shelbee

A simple program in Russian to quickly perform the task. It has an intuitive interface, where there are only 2 functions, as well as the choice of smartphone model. Its advantage is to ensure the integrity of data when backing up. Therefore, the user can not worry about the safety of important for him files.

To restore iPhone, you need to create a backup file in advance, which will contain all the necessary information to save: contacts, messages, bookmarks, photos, etc. By purchasing the full version of the product, the user will be able to restore individual data of the device.


You can also recover your iPhone using Apple’s standard iTunes program on your computer. It will help to reset all the settings of the device, reflash it, as well as restore individual files (photos, videos, contacts, etc.). Read about how to do it in the following article.

Standard iPhone features

iPhone recovery is also possible by changing the settings of the phone itself. Only in this case, the user can not save individual files, as suggested by special programs, but make a full backup or erase all data without saving.

Resetting device settings

The fastest way to reset the current state of the phone. To do this, you need to enter the settings and go to the appropriate section. If you wish, you can make a backup of all data in advance, using iTunes or iCloud. What you need to do next is discussed in the article below.


You can also delete all the data from your phone remotely. You’ll need a computer and access to iCloud, which the iPhone is tethered to. The recovery process will use the “Find iPhone” feature. Read more about how to do this in Method 4 of the following article.

Restoring user files

This procedure does not involve resetting all the settings and going back to the previous version of the phone, as in the first case, but rather restoring only certain data that was accidentally deleted by the owner or others.


A useful program that includes not only the function of restoring user files, but also many other useful tools. For example, fixing bugs on your iPhone, unlocking your phone if you forget your password, transferring data from one device to another, etc.

EaseUS MobiSaver

Allows you to recover user files such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc. Scans your device for iCloud and iTunes backups and then provides a list of available data to recover. With the help of EaseUS MobiSaver you can restore the state of your smartphone to the moment when the necessary files have not been deleted yet. It is worth noting the absence of Russian translation, which for some may be a significant disadvantage.

Primo iPhone Data Recovery

Another utility you need to roll back your device to the right state when important files haven’t been deleted yet. It differs from the others by having a useful function for fixing iOS system errors. Supports recovery using iTunes and iCloud data.

The above programs can both restore iPhone with complete destruction of all data, and recover files selectively, deleted by the user by mistake. In addition, the settings of the smartphone itself assumes a full reset function without the use of third-party software.

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