How to Transfer an Apps From iPhone to iPhone


  • Way 1: Backup
  • Way 2: 3D Touch
  • Way 3: App Store

It is difficult to imagine the work of the iPhone without the applications that give it all the interesting features. So, you are faced with the task of transferring applications and spy apps from one iPhone to another. And below we will look at how this can be done.

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Unfortunately, Apple developers have not provided many ways to transfer programs from one Apple device to another. But still they are there.

Way 1: Backup

Suppose you move from one iPhone to another. In this case, it is optimal to create a backup on the old gadget, which can be installed on the new one. This task can be easily accomplished using iTunes.

First, you will need to create the most recent backup of your old smartphone. This has already been explained in more detail on our website.

Once you’re done backing up, connect your second smartphone to your computer. When iTunes finds your device, click the thumbnail icon in the top area of the window.

Select the “Browse” tab on the left and “Restore from Copy” on the right.

iTunes won’t be able to start installing the copy as long as Find iPhone is active on your phone. So, if you have it running, you will need to disable it by all means. To do this, open your gadget settings. At the very top, click on your account and select the “iCloud” section.

Open the “Find iPhone” item, and then move the slider near this function to off. You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID account password to accept the changes.

You can now return to iTunes. A window will pop up where you should select which backup will be used for the new device. Once you’ve selected the right one, click the “Restore” button.

If you have encryption enabled, the next step will be a screen that asks you to enter a password. Enter your password.

And finally, the process of installing the new copy itself will begin, on average it takes about 15 minutes (the time depends on the amount of data you need to transfer to your gadget). Once finished, all the games and apps from one iPhone will be successfully transferred to the other, with their location on the desktop completely intact.

Method 2: 3D Touch

One of the useful technologies introduced in the iPhone since version 6S is 3D Touch. Now, by tapping harder on icons and menu items, you can bring up a special window with additional settings and quick access to features. If you need to quickly share an app with another iPhone user, you can use this feature here.

On your desktop, locate the app you want to share. With some effort, tap on its icon, and then a drop-down list will appear on the screen. Select Share.

On the next screen, select the app you want. If it is not in the list, select “Copy Link.

Launch any messenger, such as WhatsApp. Open a dialog with the user, long select the message input line, and then tap on the “Paste” button.

A link to the app will be pasted from the clipboard. Finally, tap on the send button. Another iPhone user will receive the link and, when clicked, will be automatically redirected to the App Store to download the application.

Method 3: App Store

If your phone does not have 3D Touch, don’t worry: you can share an application through the App Store.

Launch the App Store. At the bottom of the window, go to the “Search” tab, then enter the name of the application you’re looking for.

Once the page with the app is open, click the triple dot icon to the right, and then select “Share Software.

You will see an additional window where you can either select the application you want to send the application to, or copy the link to the clipboard. The next steps are exactly the same as described in steps two through four of the second method.

So far, that is all the ways to send an application from one iPhone to another. We hope you found this article useful.

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