How to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Cell Phone

If jealousy wears you down and the love for your partner doesn’t erase from your head the thought that you might be the victim of a betrayal, technology comes to your rescue. No more private investigators paid dearly and with dubious results, now there is the possibility of spying on your sweetheart’s cell phone using your smartphone. Phone calls, messages, web history, emails: you can spy on everything and without being noticed. Over the years, more and more cheating apps have been created to satisfy the prurient desire to unveil a couple’s secrets, but many of them were hoaxes, while others promised results far from what they actually offered. Finally came mSpy, a cell phone tracking app created by the London-based company of the same name with the specific intent of spying on another person’s mobile device.

For parents, business owners and worried hearts.

Initially created to keep tabs on the conversations of one’s teenage children or sold in “business” packages to companies to monitor the activities of employees equipped with company cell phones, in a short time the app has become a treasure trove for jealous boyfriends or girlfriends and the nightmare of every cheater or fidifrager. Although the company insists, on its website, in a campaign aimed at parents and business owners, the functions of the application are enough to attract all those who want to find out if their sweetheart is unfaithful: control of calls, sms and mms, control of emails, continuous monitoring of the position through GPS device embedded in the smartphone, access to the address book and agenda, control of web browsing history, interception of “instant messages” (Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook chats) and even the possibility of recording conversations and noises of the surrounding environment through the recorder embedded in the phone. In short, a real secret agent weapon.

All secrets have a price.

To have all this, of course, there is a cost. Those who are more parsimonious, with a monthly expenditure of 30 euros, will have access to calls, emails, address book and text messages of the spied, but if you want to do things right, the cost goes up to 50 euros per month (subscription for a year discounted to 150 euros), with access to all other functions, including the very important possibility to spy on conversations through instant messages such as WhatsApp. But is it legal? The answer is yes, because in order for it to work, the application must be installed on the device of the person you want to spy on, who must therefore accept the installation. However, the problem is obvious: it is enough that a person installs it secretly, without the knowledge of the smartphone owner, that the latter will never notice because, as the same mSpy site explains, the app is “100% invisible”. It works on every type of operating system: Androis, iOs (for iPhone), Windows, Symbian and BlackBerry, so no one is safe.

mCouple, the free app for the jealous

mCouple, the free app for the jealous.
mCouple, the free app for the jealous.

mSpy has been a success since its launch, with over 1 million customers currently worldwide. In its wake, another application was born, this time specifically dedicated to people who want to keep an eye on their partner. It’s called mCouple, it can be downloaded for free on both Android and Apple devices and allows, with approximately the same functions as mSpy, to keep another person’s mobile device under constant control. Intercept text messages, check calls, address book and agenda, GPS tracking and Facebook chat: all this by simply installing the application on the phone of the person you want to spy on and entering the user profile data previously created. Totally encrypted, the spy or the spied on will not notice anything. However, it has a serious lack, namely the inability to spy on instant messaging programs such as WhatsApp (apart from Facebook chat). A pretty serious lack, as some users point out in reviews of the app. But to solve the problem there’s always the paid app.

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to spy on your boyfriend’s cell phone? The answer is yes, technology has made great strides and it is possible. Let’s find out together how to do it.

Spy on your boyfriend’s cell phone for free

Spying on your boyfriend’s phone for free is possible using spy applications. Online there are many good services but we personally recommend you to use Hoverwatch, very easy to use application that once installed on your smartphone allows you to easily spy on phone calls, chats and messages and much more. Let’s see how it works.

First you have to register to create a free account on the site of Hoverwatch at the following address;

after registration you will get the link from which to download the application and install it on the smartphone that you intend to spy;

Once you have installed the application on your smartphone you can at any time access the control panel in order to spy, remotely, everything that happens on the smartphone itself. You will be able to see any message received or sent, Whatsapp chats, contacts added etc. ….

How to spy on a cell phone remotely

There are several apps to spy on a smartphone remotely for free, one of the best being Cerberus. To use it you have to create an account to gain access to the device’s remote control tool.

All the tools Cerberus provides for remote control are located on the main screen of its website. The App in question offers many functions among which the most interesting are:

  • audible alarm;
  • location tracking and much more.

You can use the app anytime you want, but to have unlimited use you need an annual subscription for a very small fee. Finally, to control your partner’s device remotely, we recommend using the website’s convenient user interface, which has been specially optimized to be viewed from tablets or smartphones.

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How to spy on your partner’s iPhone

Do you have an iPhone and want to spy on your partner’s phone because you suspect that he is cheating on you? On the App Store you can find an infinite number of apps that come to your rescue. One of the best, at least in our opinion, is mCouple downloadable from the following address that allows you to keep track of your boyfriend’s smartphone checking every message he sends and receives, contacts, location, etc. … Download it. Recommended.

How to spy on the Android smartphone of our boyfriend

Even on the Google Play Store logically are made available many apps to track and spy on your partner. Among the many we recommend Couple Tracker that allows you to control any message, phone history, location, statuses and comments made on Facebook and much more. The app in question can be downloaded for free at this link, but there is also a paid version for only 3.99 euros with obviously many additional features and no limits.

There are also useful applications to monitor the Whatsapp messages of our family members, parentskit is one of them and allows us to see all the messages sent and received by the famous instant messaging program.

Best cell phone spy apps

Are you worried that your wife or husband is cheating on you? Are you worried about how your son or daughter is dating? Are you looking for an app that can monitor your daughter’s or partner’s cell phone? If you read this page you will know which are the best cell phone spying apps.

If spying on your loved ones is a way to safeguard their safety, then violating the privacy of a stranger is not only morally wrong, but also a criminal offense. This guide, even if it illustrates, summarily, some applications used to spy on a cell phone, is not an incentive to commit crimes.

After this due clarification, let’s deal with what are the best apps to spy on a cell phone.

If you have a spy app installed on your cell phone, it can come in handy in case your phone gets stolen or lost.

Anti-theft apps used to spy on a cell phone

Starting from this last suggestion, the simplest and cheapest solution could be to install an anti-theft app on your smartphone.

In fact, these apps have several functions, some of which allow you to locate the phone, others to remotely activate the camera and/or microphone.

Therefore, with a bit of cunning, skill and deception, it is possible to install the app on the phone of the person to be monitored and exploit the potential that the apps have to steal as much information as possible.

Some of these apps are:

  1. Cerberus: an anti-theft app for Android that allows you to monitor smartphones remotely. Using it, you can know the geographic location of your phone by locating it on a Google Maps map. Or get a list of the last calls and SMS sent/received from the phone, as well as record the audio of what happens near the smartphone. It can also take pictures with the phone’s camera, erase the data saved on it and much more.
  2. Android Lost: a simple but very effective application that allows you to find your device or erase your sensitive data from it, preventing it from getting into the wrong hands.
  3. Find My iPhone: thanks to Apple’s iCloud services, you can remotely detect the geographic location of an iPhone and remotely send commands to the phone using a tool called Find My iPhone.

Of course, these are apps born with a purpose other than spying. But they could also be used as apps to spy on a cell phone.

GPS Tracking – cell phone tracking app

Similarly, you could rely on GPS Tracking apps to monitor their movements like Family GPS locator My Family or Geo Tracker – GPS tracker.  But even then, a crafty person, could disable the GPS on the cell phone and lose their tracks.

Apps to spy on a cell phone at zero or almost no cost

If you are worried about the money you have to spend to spy on your wife’s cell phone to find out if she is cheating on you. You can rest assured! You’ll keep your horns without finding out anything!

All jokes aside, if you have a suspicion of possible cheating, for starters, you could try using apps that allow you to monitor Whatsapp like WhaTrack: tracker for Whatsapp profile or WhatsAgent for WhatsApp.

These two apps don’t allow you to spy on Whatsapp conversations, but to monitor your partner’s activity on Whatsapp. Basically you can be informed when he is online, you can find out when time he spends chatting on Whatsapp etc. Basically, the information you get will help you simply understand if yours is just a silly jealousy or you should continue to investigate.

Keep in mind that many of these apps offer optional paid services. Basically, you may be forced to put your hands in your wallet to get a satisfactory result.

If, on the other hand, you want to secure your relationship and make sure that you not only monitor your partner, but also allow him or her to spy on you. Then it’s time to install Couple Tracker on your respective cell phones.

If you’ve made it this far, I think you’ve realized that it’s not easy to spy on a cell phone without having to reach for your wallet. In fact, the best cell phone spying apps are paid apps.

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