Cocospy: Spy App Features Revealed

Parents worry about their children and often don’t have the ability to be constantly aware of their activities, leisure time and online activities.

Today’s children are “born” with digital gadgets in their hands. They know how to use smartphones from an early age and are increasingly at risk of cyberbullying, harassment or online hatred.

Parents who want to keep their children safe from these risks can monitor their activities by installing a spy app on their phone.

The Cocospy cell phone spy app does not require hacking or reflashing. It is the most effective tool to monitor activities on another cell phone.

You can track the frequency of your child’s conversations and text messages while remaining undetected. Install the Cocospy app on his phone.
You can use the Cocospy application by installing it only on your phone.

Part 1.The features of the Cocospy application

Cocospy is the best spy app you could find. It is based on a platform with a wide range of actions and has a user-friendly interface for any user.
Parents whose children are “sitting” in gadgets need to be sure that the gadgets are used correctly, for their intended purpose.
The increased risks associated with cyberbullying and online harassment are controlled by the Cocospy app.
Employers can check what employees are doing during work hours.

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Features of the Cocospy app include

1. Monitoring messages in chats, messengers and emails

All messages in chats and messengers are recorded in real time in the Cocospy app’s “control panel” tab on your phone. You will be able to track all messages sent and received through WhatsApp, Facebook messengers and other social networks.

2. Keyboard keystroke monitoring

Stay aware of what your child is texting on their smartphone and other devices. Protect him or her from potential danger from strangers or bullies online.
You can remotely monitor every keystroke on any device your child uses. Learn how to do this with Cocospy for Android here >>.

3. View screenshots and multimedia

The app allows you to check all the information downloaded to your device.
Next to each screenshot, photo, video, the date of download or change is stamped, which is fixed to the “control panel” tab in your phone.

4. Location

Have you lost your phone and really want to find it? Are you a considerate and parent and concerned about your child’s safety? Are you a loving spouse who wants to know everything about your spouse’s movements?
The Cocospy application will help you locate your phone. With the help of GPS navigation, the application will determine in real time where the owner of the phone is.

5. Conversation and text message monitoring

Information about incoming and outgoing calls, contacts and text messages will be saved in the “control panel” tab of your phone. This will help to avoid unwanted communication and protect your child from unnecessary risk.

6. Recording conversations

The app allows you to record up to 30 minutes of conversations. The recording includes all background sounds, which allows you to determine if there is a threat of intimidation or violence.
This feature can work at any other time by recording ambient sounds.

Part 2. How to monitor another cell phone without installing a spy app on it

The Cocospy app is the best spy app for the iPhone, allowing you to monitor another cell phone without installing an app on it. It is used by millions of people from 190 countries around the world.
Check out a free demo of the app’s features.
You need to do the following steps to activate the application.
What to do to activate the application
Step one. Register on Cocospy. On the next page, enter your name, password and email address.
Step two. Log in to the Apple ID credentials of the phone you’re tracking.

Last step. Log in to your account and start monitoring. Call details, correspondence content, installation and app usage dates will be recorded in the “control panel” tab window.


The Cocospy app is one of the best apps that allow you to control another phone without accessing it. The feature set and pleasant interface are suitable for iOS devices.
A detailed description will allow you to figure out how to use it without being noticed. It will be suitable for any of your control tasks.