✅ How to Locate Cell Phone With Phone Tracker With GPS Turned Off

Locating a cell phone with phone tracker even if you don’t have GPS access is possible. Today we will discover how to do it thanks to a new and detailed guide written just for you. So we’ll see how to track the phone and the privacy risks related to localization.

If by chance you have turned off your phone’s GPS and don’t want to be spied on and prevent any person from tracking your every movement, know that it will be of little use. Apparently, thanks to an advanced use, the latest generation of phones even if you don’t turn on the GPS can still provide accurate information and make the device traceable.

Phone Tracking, moreover, can also take place with other systems that we will now see below.

The above sensors found in phones have been used by various researchers to be able to track many people who had GPS not active.

The more info you have, the easier it obviously is to find a phone, in fact it is easier to find data such as the location of your home or workplace. But it is also possible to track the various movements of a person who takes the same route every day. The accuracy of the final result can reach even more than 90%.

The sensors described so far with the advancement of technology tomorrow could affect the privacy of users.

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Having a smartphone with sensors such as accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope on all together, involves major problems in terms of security and makes the smartphone easily traceable.

In relation to all this, Google recently made it known that the next Android operating system will drastically decrease access to sensors such as gyroscope and accelerometer. The same goes for Apple’s operating platform.

Keeping WiFi on allows you to browse the internet without consuming the now famous “giga” of your mobile phone offer. But in the same way, the internet network, through a system of access through gateways and routers is able to detect the presence of the device in a given area.

Through the internet it is possible to locate the cell phone, establishing the position of the device in an approximate way, but still useful for an acceptable traceability. We’re talking about an error of up to 10 meters compared to tracking through the GPS system, which makes it a very interesting localization methodology.

How to locate cell phone without installing programs

Since you have recently purchased a new smartphone, you would like to know how to track it in case of loss or theft, perhaps without installing additional and/or expensive applications. In today’s guide, we’ll talk specifically about how to locate a cell phone without installing programs, whether it’s an Apple phone or a phone with the Android operating system.

To track an Android smartphone without installing additional applications, you can take advantage of a stock app called Android Device Manager, also known as Android Device Manager. This is a tool included as standard by Google in its mobile operating system that allows you to perform certain operations remotely on the device, such as locating it.

Before seeing the procedure specifically, however, you need to make sure of some very important things so you can avoid unpleasant inconveniences in the moment of need. To work properly, Android Device Manager needs Google Play Services to be properly installed on your smartphone. To make sure this is the case, open the Settings by clicking on the Settings icon in the Home, the drawer or by pulling down the notification dropdown and then locate the Apps, Apps or Apps and notifications item.

On the screen that opens, make sure that the Google Play Services app is present, which is required for all Big G software to work properly, including Find my device. If not, we suggest you consider our guide Download and install Play Store for Android where you’ll find all the steps to follow to proceed with the installation.

Other things to consider are the activation of the Internet connection (Wi-Fi or data network) and the active GPS and the presence of a properly configured Google account. The first two features can be activated without any problems from Settings by clicking on the relevant items (usually found in the Connections or Network and other settings menu), GPS can be enabled in the Location menu under Privacy and Security while the Google account is entered during the initial configuration of the device. If not, you can add it from Settings by locating the Account item, then +Add Account and choose Google.

That done, fill in the email address and password fields to sign in. The last thing you need to know is that a notification appears on the display of smartphones running Android 7.0 Nougat and later versions when remote localization is performed via Android Device Manager. If you don’t know how to detect the version of the green robot installed on your smartphone, simply open the Settings and locate the About Device or About Phone entry.

After this important premise, you are now ready to locate your phone using the Google tool.

In addition to locating, you can play an audio (the device will ring for 5 minutes even if set to silent), lock the device and log out of the stored Google account or clear all content via Reset Device.

Google Find My Device app

If you don’t have a computer at your disposal, you can take advantage of another Android device and the Google Find My Device app that you can download from the Play Store. All you have to do is launch it, click on Sign in as a guest, enter the data of the Google account present on the terminal to be tracked and follow the same steps as seen for the Web version.

Phone Tracker: Find My iPhone

If it is an iPhone, then you need to use another tool called Find My iPhone. We’re talking about a utility developed by Apple that includes in all its iDevices. Just like Google’s Android Device Manager, this service also allows you to track down your lost or stolen Apple phone in a matter of seconds. Also, unlike Big G’s Find my device, the location notification does not appear on the terminal’s display.

To use Find My iPhone, however, you need to meet some conditions. First of all, the terminal must be turned on and with location services enabled. To proceed with the activation of GPS, go to Settings by clicking on the cog in the iOS home screen, choose Privacy and then click on Localization. From the screen that appears, turn ON the switch next to Location. You need to do the same with Share My Location.

Also, make sure that Find iPhone has the words If in use. If not, press on Find iPhone and select While using the app instead of Never. Another thing to make sure is that the iPhone is logged into the iCloud account. To check this, always go into Settings and make sure your name is at the top. If not, press on Login on iPhone and enter your Apple ID credentials to proceed with the login.

How to locate cell phone of another person

Phone tracker spying consists of monitoring phone conversations and is often achieved by means and some secret tools. Spying refers to the real-time interception of phone calls that take place on the phone under surveillance.

This is a feature that anyone can take advantage of through the use of cell phone tracker software, and allows you to locate a cell phone without being detected.


Using a spyware means you are closer to the truth, even if you are not present at a conversation. This functional software allows you to track a cell phone by number and receive an alert when specific numbers are contacted with the target phone, so you can eavesdrop on it from and secretly.

Among the many available online, it is worth mentioning the one called mSpy that with various features allows you to remotely monitor the phone of a person such as a partner, a business associate or a child without being detected.

The use of this spyware, among other things, can effectively replace an employee of an investigation agency, which means that you save a lot of money that is usually required for a costly contract with many unfavorable conditions.

The mSpy app is the only product that lets you know how to locate a cell phone and how to have a direct line for each call, listening live to what is happening in the device you are monitoring.

Among the main functions you can take advantage of the one that allows you to listen live to calls from or to the target phone, and to do this is really very simple and comparable to sending an SMS; in fact, once you have created an account on the website of the app in question you only need to press a button.

Among other things, this option allows you to record calls and listen to them again, as well as intercepting those coming from online devices, in jargon defined as VoIP. At this point, to establish a precise list of its functions, it s worth going deeper into the subject.

It allows you to create a spreadsheet from the phone on which mSpy is installed that lets you track a cell phone and know, who is calling it, what is the nickname of the caller, what is his phone number, know how to locate someone else’s cell phone and know the times of the various calls.