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The iPhone has always had and continues to have one of the best cameras on the market, and when it comes to shooting video, it has no competitors in this field even today. One of the possible ways to edit the captured video is to slow it down, and today we will tell you which of the applications presented in the App Store do this task best.

Synopsis of:
*Perfect Video
*SlowMotion Video Fx Editor
*Slo Mo Video
*Video Speed


One of the best video editors for iPhone, which has won several profile awards and for a long time ranked first in the ranking of mobile applications. With its help it is not difficult to create a quality video, performing its professional editing, processing with visual effects and imposing various filters. You can crop the image, speed up and slow down, and you can not only add transitions from the built-in library, but also change them at your own discretion. Directly inside the application you can find detailed guides on how to use its main functions.

Splice has a fairly large set of tools for editing videos shot on your Apple smartphone camera or uploaded to its storage. Of particular note are automatic video clip synchronization with music (there is an extensive soundtrack library), the ability to record voice-over narration, as well as accurate trimming and mixing of audio tracks. The finished project can be published on social networks, saved in the “Photo”, sent by mail or in iMessage as a link. The interface is russified and the application is available with a paid (one week) subscription with a 7-day trial. You can also buy individual utilities and tools.

Perfect Video

A powerful yet easy-to-use video editor that also lets you create slideshows. It lets you crop, merge, split, crop, mirror and rotate your video. Perfect Video has a large library of effects, transitions, and filters for content processing. With it you can add subtitles, audio (both music and voice-over), watermarks, photos, and text. The finished project is exported in one of the compatible formats and its original quality remains unchanged.

In addition to the video slowdown we are interested in in this article, this application allows you to accelerate it, turn it into an animation (or create one from a photo), make a video in picture, divide the image in the frame into two screens. There is a set of tools required for the correct work with the function “chromakey” and allow you to replace the solid monochrome background for any other content. It is also possible to add a mosaic effect, pixelization, blurring or, on the contrary, highlighting, there are tools to perform professional color correction. Unlike the permanent and not the cheapest subscription offered by Splice, to get access to all the functionality of the solution in question you only need to purchase its Pro version once.

SlowMotion Video Fx Editor

The application, the name of which speaks for itself, actually allows you not only to slow down video, but also to speed up (up to 12 times in both directions) and process it with effects. The playback speed is regulated on a special scale, where you can interact both with the whole project and with individual fragments and even frames. Speaking of the latter, it’s worth noting that SlowMotion Video supports high quality clips with up to 240 frames per second. In addition to processing the finished video and its subsequent publication on the Internet, there is an option to record a new one directly from the main interface, and during this process you can control the speed as well.

This editor, as well as those discussed above, allows you to add musical accompaniment to videos, for which you can use one of the 170 presented in the built-in library of soundtracks. As part of a set of effects and filters. The program’s advantages include a simple and intuitive interface, as well as high speed of data processing. Disadvantages – the trial version is available for use for only three days, after which you will need to make not the cheapest subscription.

Slo Mo Video

An easy-to-use app that gives you the ability to process your videos before publishing them to social networks, which include YouTube and Instagram. In fact, the only function of Slo Mo Video is to change the playback speed – both speeding up and slowing down. The edited video can be downloaded from the library of your mobile device or taken with the camera integrated into the program. There is a handy circular scale with a minimum percentage step to adjust the speed up and down.

Although the interface is in English, it will still be understandable to every user, as it contains a minimum of controls. Slow down or speed up the video with the editor under consideration is free, but you will need to pay to get the opportunity to set different speed values for its individual fragments.


An advanced video editor endowed with handy controls, a rich set of tools, effects and filters with which you can create truly high-quality and unique content. It makes it easy to change the playback speed both up and down. VideoShop allows you to delete unwanted frames from your video, cut it into fragments or, on the contrary, merge several recordings into one. You can add background music, overlay a separately recorded voice, and various sounds from the impressive built-in library. The application allows you to adjust the image, change its color, brightness, contrast and saturation, rotate and scale. Creation of slideshows from photographs is supported.

You can add text (all its parameters, such as size, color, style, lettering, can be adjusted in detail), animated titles, original transition effects to videos processed in this editor. Every change made to a project at the creation stage can either be undone or repeated, and once it is finished, it can be immediately posted to social networks, saved to cloud storage, or sent as a link via messenger or email. Like most similar solutions, this is distributed on a subscription basis (several options are available), and some features and tools can be unlocked through a separate purchase.

Video Speed

The app, the name of which in the App Store for some reason is translated as “Slow Speed”, in fact provides an opportunity not only to slow down the video, but also to accelerate it. You can increase this parameter up to two times and decrease it up to ¼, and different values can be set for different segments of the clip, and the total duration is not limited in any way. In addition there is an option to adjust the volume level.

Video Speed supports videos in landscape and portrait orientation, preserves their original quality and does not put any watermarks on the exported project. What sets this apart from most of the solutions reviewed above is that it’s free to distribute, and the only built-in purchase is to disable ads.


Last in our review, but definitely not least, is Apple’s proprietary app, available for all iPhones and iPads as well as Macs. It’s an easy-to-use but functionally rich video editor, endowed with an extensive library of tools for creating clips, video blog clips, and even full-fledged movies. In addition to playback speed control, iMovie lets you make professional video edits, add music and voiceover, and add lettering and logos. A built-in library offers 14 trailer templates and uploaded photos can be used to create original slideshows and/or animations.

The program has a large set of design styles and themes, visual effects and filters that you can and should use when working on your own projects. Synchronization with iCloud Drive is implemented and the AirDrop feature is supported, so you can start working on your video on one device and continue on another. In addition, it is possible to broadcast it to the TV screen using AirPlay. iMovie is an absolutely free editor, but it is more suitable for those users who often work with videos, creating a complete content (for example, video for own channel on YouTube), than for solving much easier tasks like the one voiced in the title of this article.


We looked at several applications for slowing down iPhone videos, among which there are simple ones with one or two features, as well as advanced editors oriented more for professional users than beginners.

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