10 Best Spy Apps Without Root Access Requirement

The demand for spy apps without root for Android has increased significantly in recent years.

We live in an age where people often lead double lives. Their behavior on social media can be very different from real life.

Children, who prefer to spend most of their free time online, are also affected.

Virtual space puts them at risk of becoming victims of cyberbullying or harassment.

Many concerned parents wonder, “What Android spy apps are the most effective?”

The difficulty in answering this question is that there are a large number of remote phone tracking apps available on the market. It can be difficult for a beginner to figure out all the nuances.

By typing “Best Android spy app” into a search engine, you will be presented with hundreds of options.

However, many of them are fake, outdated or contain malware. Even good apps vary in the functions they can perform.

Consequently, choosing the really best spyware app depends entirely on your needs and expectations. Below, we have done a detailed breakdown of the 10 best spyware apps.

Part 1: #1 Best Android spy app that does not require root rights Cocospy

Cocospy is the most advanced spy app for Android.

Cocospy is the most advanced spy app for Android, offering a wide range of features and high reliability, which is why it has earned the trust of its users.

Despite its relative novelty, the application has already gained popularity among millions of users from over 190 countries.

Such a large number of users can’t go wrong. Consequently, Cocospy is an app worth relying on.

Why Cocospy is the best remote spy app for Android?

  • Cocospy gives you the ability to track Android devices without having to root them. Getting root rights, which most other programs of this type require, makes the Android device vulnerable to attacks from malicious apps.
  • However, getting root rights gives you access to some additional features, such as:
  1. Geo-fence: setting a physical boundary for the target Android device. This way, you will always be aware of her crossing the tracking object. This option is great for tracking children.
  2. Social media monitoring: this allows you full access to the target Android device owner’s activity on Facebook, Instagram, Skype and other media platforms.
  3. Cocospy saves all information about the target user on your control panel. Thus, you will have access even to the files he deleted.
  4. You can try the free demo version of the app

How to monitor an Android device without getting root access?

  1. First of all you need to create a Cocospy account.
  2. Get direct access to the target device to install the application on it. After that, you will have the basic functions of the program, but for the additional ones, you will still need root rights.
  3. Go to the Cocospy control panel. On the left you will see a list of functions available to you. Use access to any option of your target device as you see fit.

Part 2: #2 Best spy app for Android- mSpy

mSpy is another popular and convenient remote phone tracking app without permission.

It has the same features as Cocospy, but is presented lower in this list because of its higher cost.

mSpy also gives you the ability to spy on your Android device without having to root it.

What makes mSpy different?

First of all, the options for remote tracking. Without rooting, you will have access to geodata, message logs, call logs and browser history on the target Android device.

However, rooting it will give you access to the program’s advanced features, which include:

1. Keyboard access: An option that gives you a log of all the keys pressed by the owner of the target device.Thus, you will be able to figure out passwords in social networks. You will then be able to access your accounts.

2. Geo-fence: similar to the same function in Cocospy- set a physical boundary for the target device. There is an additional option to set an alarm to notify you when you cross it.

3. Hacking social networks: obtaining full access to the target device owner’s accounts on various sites.

How to monitor the Android device with your own Android smartphone or iPhone?

  1. Buy mSpy. You can buy a Basic, Premium or Family package.The Basic package is perfect for those who want access to the basic functions of the application without rooting the device.Premium, on the other hand, will be useful for those who want to get root rights to use the advanced functions of the program. The family kit will be useful for those who want to monitor several Android devices at the same time.
  2. You will be sent an email with a welcome message and a link to the control panel.
  3. You will need to set up your account. Choose the type of device you are going to monitor: iPhone or Android. Incase of the latter, you will additionally be asked if you want to monitor with or without root rights.
  4. Now take your target device, install mSpy on it, and then remove the program shortcut. If you opted for the rooting feature, you will also need to get root rights.At this point, you will get additional guidance.
  5. Go to the control panel and start monitoring your Android smartphone. Read an in-depth review of mSpy or try a demo of the app.

Part 3: #3 Best spy app for Android – Spyzie

Spyzie is just as powerful and effective as Cocospy and mSpy. However, the reason for being in third place on the list is that it is not particularly reliable.

Cocospy and mSpy have many positive user reviews and have been noted by well-known publications.

Compared to them, the situation with Skyzie is less clear, which indicates that the application is less reliable.

Skyzie is also capable of tracking Android devices without having to root them.

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How is Skyzie better than other apps?

  • Skyzie’s main advantage is its increased stealth. Cocospy and mSpy allow you to delete their icons after installation. Skyzie, on the other hand, deletes the shortcut automatically. That way, you won’t have to worry about traces of the spy app afterwards.
  • If you want to be able to track the owner of your target device from anywhere in the world, you can download the Skyzie app for Android.

How to hack Android smartphone with Skyzie?

  1. Create an account at spyzie.com
  2. During the installation process, enter the target device information.
  3. Get direct access to your target Android device and install the Skyzie app on it.
  4. You will now be able to monitor it from your personal dashboard.

Check out Skyzie’s review or try the demo

Part 4: #4 XNSPY is the best free spy app for Android that does not require root rights.

XNSPY is one of the best apps widely used by parents. It provides access to features like: phone calls and contacts and message reading.

It also supports GPS location tracking, recording phone calls, ambient sounds, and instant SMS activity alerts.

In addition, you can use it to track WhatsApp messages without having to root your target device.
Check out the XNSPY review or check out the demo

Part 5: #5 Best free spy app for Android – iKeymonitor

iKeyMonitor is one of the most powerful and effective remote tracking apps on the Android platform.
It keeps you up to date on all your social media accounts, allows you to track your location, get a keystroke log and much more.
You also have the option to use the full version of iKeyMonitor as a trial for 3 days.
For more information, log on to the official iKeyMonitor website or try the demo

Part 6: #6 Powerful Android Spy App – FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is considered the most advanced remote spy app available.

It allows you to remotely monitor all digital communications and transactions on your target device, and has some of the most advanced features available.

For example, these include: secretly listening to phone conversations and the ability to record them.
In addition, Extreme FlexiSPY provides access to an optional password cracking service that automatically decrypts user passwords.

However, FlexiSPY is only ranked sixth on the list of the best spyware for Android.
This is most likely due to its high cost and ability to work only with rooted devices.
Check out FlexiSPY’s review or check out the demo

Part 7: #7 Best Android Spy App – hoverwatch

hoverwatch is one of the most effective and affordable spy apps for Android.
As a mobile device bug, it is able to record all SMS and call history.

The app can also track your location as well as access your camera and social media accounts.
Check out the hoverwatch review or log in to the app’s official website

Part 8: #8 Best Android spy app – Spyera

Spyera is a basic surveillance app for Android, giving you access to all the basic and essential monitoring features you need.

The app supports features such as call logging and message tracking.
Another argument in favor of this app is a money-back guarantee if you don’t like it. Returns can be made up to 10 days after purchase.

During the 10-day test period, you can have time to familiarize yourself with the app’s features and gather the information you’re interested in. Then, if you don’t like the app, you can get your money back.

Part 9: #9 Best Android Spy – TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy app is a risky purchase. Aside from having all the features it needs, it has quite a few negative reviews.

Their essence boils down to the fact that the app is considered fraudulent. Nevertheless, it is not, otherwise we would not have added it to the list of the best.

However, the app does have service issues. Nevertheless, TheTruthSpy offers a free 48-hour trial.
So, in case you didn’t like it, there’s no need to use it further.

Part 10: #10 Best Mobile Spy for Android – Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is another spy app with basic features on Android.

It doesn’t have advanced features, including just the basics, which include: location tracking, message viewing, call logs, and so on.

But the fact that Highster Mobile is the only spy app that offers a lifetime license makes it attractive and unique in its own way.

That is, you should pay a reasonable amount only once and then not transfer any funds.
Highster Mobile can be called the best spy app in the long run.


These were the top 10 best spy apps for Android. Hopefully, you have chosen one that meets your needs.

If you were to ask which of the apps I would personally recommend to you, I would recommend you to go with Cocospy.

This is the app I use myself because of its convenience, reliability and reasonable cost.

Still, any of the first three programs on the list are worth a try. Write us in the comments about your choice.